Sunday, June 17, 2007

what i did and didn't do on Fathers day

Today we took D to the beach for Fathers Day. Well, if you count him driving us, paying for and planning the whole day himself.
But really, that is a gift for this man. This man that hates my driving, likes to spend his money and being in control of how he spends the day.

It was a lovely, glorious, fantastic day.

The weather was just right, the waves were high and knocked the crap out of all of us. (Sam's words there). The kids played nicely, and didn't fight at all. No really, at all!

We really had a great day.
Until i got home and checked the machine.
My dad called and left 4 messages. I assumed he was in manic mode and didn't return his call.
On fathers day.
yay me.
Thanks to a perfectly times "Happy Fathers Day from the Cat" card in the mail, all is forgvien.
Oh, and he really was manic.

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