Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursdays Theme : BEGIN

S and M started these plants as seeds, in April. I am so glad they like to play in the dirt! I hope it's the beginning of a love affair with gardening!
I can't wait for the day we can have our own garden.

We almost purchased a house this week and i was going to take a shot of packed up boxes.
How frusturating to be thisclose but no cigar.

Still, i remain hopeful that it will happen soon!

I also Begin a new job next week. I have worked off and on since having my first child 9 years ago.

I really can't wait!

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christinator said...

So many beginnings in your life right now! I love the picture.

kim said...

Nice photo with a lot of texture. I enjoyed your take on "begin."

maile said...

great photo. i like your interpretation.

Anna said...

Such a lush time of year and all these garden photos show us beautiful beginnings. I love the story to go with it.