Thursday, December 14, 2006

the walking man

Do you ever drive by houses and daydream about who lives inside? Maybe its a really expensive home, or unique or has an enchanted garden. For some reason it just appeals to you and you think, should that house ever go on the market, i'm making a bid.
Well, on my route to and from the kids school there is such a house. I have been drawn to it for years. Well the other day when picking the kids up the entire house was surrounded by crime scene tape. fast forward to the nightly local news and come to find out that an elderly man was killed in his sleep!
So, anyway.....the walking man. Also, on our twice daily trek to the kids school (we live out of district) we see a walking man. He is either mentally ill or physically ill, i cant even guess. But each and every day for the past few years ive seen him walk up and down this street. Literally ALL day. He looks homeless and i cant even begin to tell you how many times i've come thisclose to stopping and asking his story.
Well, guess what? He is the step-son and presumed murderer of the elderly man!

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