Monday, December 11, 2006

lost, not found

So, after a few weeks of increasing demands and sky high stress, i thought i would turn to blogging. It's saved my sanity before and i could use some sanity rightaboutnow. Unfortunatly i can't find my blog. A mixed blessing no doubt. Seeing as i have made no progress since the last one, it would probably depress and stress me more to read it anyway.'s my new one, bright and shiny new.

Mondays are my most hated day of the week, well after Sunday's anyway. I used to love them both. Until my significant other got a part time job on Sundays. Making him a not very significant part of 2 whole days of the week. One spent working all day, the next sleeping it off. In front of me. As i struggle to get 4 kids!! fed, bathed,read to. You see why this might make me a little resentful.

Still, i did getone golden nugget today. Well two really......S and M, who are usually at each others throat were so, well, nice to each other today. M "helped" S with his homework. They joked quietly and S warned M when the dog went for her stuffed dog, fudge.

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