Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Took M to see the Cheetah girls! It was wayyy out of the way, like an hour and a half, but it was so good to spend some one on one time w/ her. Its been like, years!
On the way there we discussed Santa. This is def the last year she is buying into him for sure. Bittersweet i guess. The concert was HILARIOUS! I mean, i'm really glad that these girls have a positive message, but oh my gosh the marketing that goes into making these girls such a hot commodity! I realized my own little M must be watching far too much television, since all the songs are only on the Disney channel and she knew them all by heart.
The girls were so darn funny though. and some of the dads w/ their girls stole my heart away.
Little F cried almost the whole time i was away. :(
D said he is never watching him again, at least until he's weaned.
Im so done. Like really really done.

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