Monday, January 15, 2007

rice and beans, beans and rice

So, my brother-in-law gave me the best advice i've heard all year....and yes, i know the years just begun. But its his no fail get out of debt, get rich quick advice.
Advice i MUST heed if i ever want my children to have ANY kind of secure future. (oh, like i never thought of that, thanks asshole)
Its called rice and beans, beans and rice. Basically if it aint rice and beans you dont buy it! Did i mention he was scarfing down the pizza we ordered and paid for? I almost told him i was less worried about my childrens future, but was becoming increasingly more worried about their dinner, which was quickly disappearing!
This *almost beats his bit of wisdom a month or so before Finn was born. In order to avoid my 4th epidural, i must just concentrate harder on an object in the room and think my way through the pain. Again, why didnt i think of that?

p.s his wife had an epidural during the birth of their 1st child, a few months later!

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