Friday, October 12, 2007

To do lists

While taking (what is starting to become a ritual again, abandoned after a year of living with my Mother-In-Law) my nightly hot bath and reading some sort of women's magazine that , by the way always manages to inspire in me a need to make wildly exotic meals and organize my pantie drawer and make me feel inadequate all at once, i went over my to-do list for the weekend in my head and it went a little bit like this.

1. Laundry shop
3. purchase pumpkins
4. purchase apples some more laundry
6.clean the floors
7.clean the cars out
8.put some laundry away

i can honestly say that just thinking of this weekends errands and chores exhausts me and writing them down actually brings tears to my eyes.

so, in an effort to garner some enthusiasm instead this weekend i will

1. admire all the great clothes we have, all the while lovingly cleaning them with a great smelling detg..
2. Take in the sights at the local stop and shop, admire the gorgeous colors of fall in the produce section and lovingly make up meals in my head as i purchase for the week ahead.
3. Enjoy the local pumpkin farm with 4 adorable kids. Pick out 4 of the best and have a blast carving them for this weekends annual pumpkin festival.
4. Enjoy one of the last weekends of the season to pick my own apples. And give thanks that kids that pick apples eat a lot of apples.
5. Dry and fold all the warm wonderful clothes we have and be grateful that its cold enough to finally bring out a few sweaters.
6. Wash my BEAUTIFUL wood floors that i have waited years for. Buff them, shine them and slide around in white socks for the remainder of the weekend.
7. getting around this one. Even Sam's friend, whom we had over for dinner, remarked upon the bad smell.
8. Hang and sort and put away stacks of clean fresh clothes, with a smile that my kids will be clean and warm and cute for at least another week!

Wow! I even manged to fool myself ;)


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