Sunday, August 26, 2007

since i've been gone

This summer can be summed up as a summer of new beginnings, long goodbyes and no rest for the weary.
It has seriously been a long haul and one i don't hope to experience again any time soon.
After years at home with the kids i headed back to the workforce and now get what all the buzz is about when debating the working mom versus the stay at home mom. Both are equally challenging and i won't add fire to the flame, but i will say that i miss my kids, my kids miss me and i wish it was more affordable to stay home these days. I do enjoy working though, it feeds another part of my soul that life with 4 kids under age nine can't.
Doing things backwards as only the hub and i can, we just bought our very first home. Its exhilarating and overwhelming and i couldn't be happier. It is THE house for us, of this much i am sure, and i look forward into making this house a home. And even documenting my progress on this very blog so i can look back and see what all those sleepless nights were all about.

My Grandfather passed away the day after we closed on our house. He was an amazing man, a two-time veteran of War. He also served our country as a Special Agent in the FBI and later as Deputy Assistant Director. He was your typical Irish Catholic O'Brien man, straight out of Southey Boston, with the morals and ideals to match. Suffice to say, he was NOT the most easy man to get along with. He was right and i was left and though the two never reconciled, he was always there and good and kind and i miss him. I miss knowing that i can't send him Christmas cards or pictures of the kids and i miss knowing that i never will be ever to sit with him and ask the questions i always wanted to ask.
Godspeed F.X. O'Brien.....if ever there was a man that had a Golden ticket into Heaven it is you and i hope you are rejoicing in the Glory of the righteous and good.
I love you.

That's enough for now i think...........Until later,

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