Sunday, March 4, 2007

100 things

about me.........
I was born in Alb, New Mexico
2. My Parents were 16 years apart in age.
3. They divorced when i was 2, thank Gawd!
4. I lived with each of them
5. i got a step-father at 5.
6. I hated him at first
7. but now respect& love him more than my own father
8. who suffers from bipolar disorder
9. i suffer right along with him
10. I have two half brothers and one half sister
11. but am still an only child at heart ;)
12. i adore my little sister
13. i have a nephew her same age
14. that i don't even know
15. my brothers are rednecked, republican hunters
16. i hate hunting, and rednecks and republicans
17. i met my husband at 16
18.i knew without a doubt i would marry him
19. i don't think he felt the same ;)
20. We had out first child almost 2 years later
21. I was barely 18
22. i was the happiest person on the planet
23. finally, i knew why i was here
24. Sam is almost 9, he just melts my heart.
25. He has a brain tumor
27. We had madeline 17 months later.
28. she is smarter than me.
29. she drives me so crazy (in a good way)
30. mostly because she is so amazingly smart
31. i couldnt be prouder of her
32. like with everything else, i am sure she will prove #31 wrong!
33. My husband joined the air force when he was 27
34. i got pregnant with my 3rd.
35. Abby was born exactly one day after i planned
36. The day after Thanksgiving, when i knew my huz would be on leave
37. She is 3
38. she makes me laugh so hard
39. I can't get enough of her
40.My fourth...yes i know what causes that and hey, we all have to be good at something!, just turned one year old.
41. His name is Finnian.
42. He is surely the coolest baby on the planet.
43. he has a mohawk and is a real happy kid.
44. God made him that way for me.
45. huz was done after #3, but i asked for one more and received.
46. a cool, easy baby was my saving grace.
47. had he cried as much as the girls i am sure we would be divorced
48. which would kill my MIL
49. who is very very Catholic
50. both of our families are btw
51. which is why we are not practicing a religion
52. we live with my MIL right now
53. In CT
54. Its an extremely hard thing to do
55. even though i am blessed with an amazing MIL
56. i miss my plants
57. and my music
58. and my life.
59. We are trying really hard to get a house
60. medical bills rocked our world
61. not that we really care
62. we know what matters most.
63. my mom is in CO now
64. and i miss her so much that i cry at least once a week!
65. She makes me laugh.
66. humor runs in the family
67. we spend a lot of time at the beach, or fishing or on long nature walks.
68. its the only time this loud family of 6 is quiet!
69. i don't have many friends
70. i LIKE being a loner
71. when people do get close, i run
72. I love to read
73. i watch LOST religiously and wish i were on that Island
74. In all honesty, my life is pretty boring
75. I long for a more exciting life.
76. But am afraid of just going for it.
77. I want to pack up the kids, travel the country
78. homeschool them all
79. I am sure Maddie will help ;)
80. Then we can settle in the place we all loved most of all!
81. I have been to all the beautiful places
82. It's important to me that my kids see the same
83. I am very liberal
84. very pro womens and childrens rights
85. mens too, not that there seems to be an issue there
86. I plan on voting for Obama in the next election
87. even over Hillary, who i heart
88. i think we need BIG change
89. i would love a ticket that looked like this "clinton, Gore...once more" i realize that contradicts 88
90. I love Al Gore....and the Kennedys.
91. I am a total blue state democrat.
92. I love the Earth
93. Though i am not very crunchy
94. as in i love meat
95. whenit comes to my kids you might call me crazy
96. i co-sleep, extended breastfeed, dont believe in RIC, sling, etc....
97. i tend to think its good parenting
98. I could care less if you disagree
99. its good for them, for me.....
100. it makes me happy. They make me happy!

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