Thursday, February 8, 2007


Today i got the news that you would be graduating from speech therapy and OT. Actually i was told you don't qualify anymore. With tears in her eyes, your poised and put together therapist said she was saying goodbye! Its been 6 years since you talked in your own little language. The grunts and the points. The silly little non-words. You even taught your little sister sam speak and the two of you would converse for hours while your dad and i would look on, sure that it wasn't the antibiotics that made the birth control in-effective, i was obviously implanted by an alien and you were its offspring!The fact that i grew up not far from Roswell even made it somewhat plausible.
Still, it was cute and we enjoyed it and for the longest time we had no idea it was indicitave of a much larger problem.
Then one day our world as we knew it ended. But not went on in that silly little sam speak with not a care in the world. Until one day you couldnt anymore. Those days were the lonliest days. We missed your voice, we missed your sam speak. All in all you lost your voice for 3 months and when you got it back, well. It was Amazing. You were almost 4 years old and you said i love you mom for the first time. Still, i kinda missed listening to your sam speak. But you worked so so hard. Harder even than any one i ever met.
And today. Today we say goodbye and thank you.

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